Aerial Revolution: Russia Tests Flamethrower-Equipped Multicopter

The first multicopter armed with flamethrowers and automatic grenade launchers is undergoing tests in an environment which is designed to resemble combat as closely as possible.

A multicopter is a mechanically simple aerial vehicle; its pilot controls it by speeding up or slowing down multiple propeller units.

The Russian corporation that designed the attack multicopter is putting it to various tests. It is being fired at from the ground to check its survivability. It is also being tested to see if it is able to withstand electronic warfare.

“Copters are demonstrating good results but it is a bit early right now to talk about the end of the tests,” an official from the Joint Instrument-building Corporation said.

Earlier the head of the defense industry, Alexander Yakunin, spoke about multicopters, saying that they are able to provide troops with intelligence, surveillance and transportation. They are also good at combat; they have the ability to dodge bullets.

The copter is much more compact than a conventional UAV; it does not require a runway. It is also much cheaper, making its loss in a battle not especially significant.

“In the shelling they perform special maneuvers, making them almost invulnerable to minor arms,” Yakunin added.

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