A Large Satanic Cross Is on Display Outside of a City Hall in Florida

Passerby will notice a curious display outside of the Hallandale Beach City Hall in Florida this week: a giant upside-down cross — a satanic symbol that is expected to be on the premises through Friday. The cross was erected by Chaz Stevens, a local atheist, who posted it along with the message, ”In Chaz We Trust, All Others Pay Cash,” as the Sun-Sentinel reported. Stevens was reportedly able to get clearance for the satanic cross after arguing that a Christmas tree, nativity and menorah were all allowed to be put on the property during the holiday season.

His placement of the cross is also reportedly a protest of sorts against the mayor’s idea of placing an “In God We Trust” banner at city hall. “It’s pretty tacky. We were going for tacky,” he said of the cross, which lights up red after dark. “It’s horrible looking. I love it.” Rather than endorsing satanic values, the atheist appears to be trying to make a broader point, as he said that the government shouldn’t be in the “business of religion.”

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