NC sheriff adding ‘In God We Trust’ motto to all patrol vehicles

MY COMMENTARY: I'm so glad to see this, but I'm afraid that the government or one of the atheist groups will keep this from happening. They will cite "separation of church and state". I hate it when they distort what that means. It was to keep the goverment out of the church and not the other way around. But, you know how Satan works!! So, let's pray this will be done!!

According to the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, our Nation’s motto, “In God We Trust,” will soon be displayed on all of their patrol vehicles.

Sheriff Chris Francis has been considering putting the motto on the cars for the past several months, but getting the money to do so has been an obstacle. Rutherford County is located about 50 miles west of Charlotte.

Pastor David Ledford, of Fairview Baptist Church in Golden Valley, told Sheriff Francis that the church wanted to fund the project.

Pastor Ledford also stated that the church would continue to pay for the decals as new cars were added.

Sheriff Francis said “I am very appreciative of the church’s donation that has allowed this project to get underway.”

He also said “I whole-heartedly believe in our Nation’s motto and am proud that it will be displayed on the Rutherford County Sheriff’s vehicles.”

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