FIGHTING HAS BEGUN !!!! Turkey Shelling into Syria; Directly Attacking Syrian Arab Army and perimete

It appears that World War 3 is beginning right now. This morning, Turkish Artillery began shelling positions outside of Azzaz, Syria. Those positions are held by the Syrian Arab Army (legitimate, duly-elected government of Syria) and are NOT being aimed at ISIS terrorists! These are direct attacks by Turkey upon the lawful government forces of Syria.With their rebel pals falling to the legitimate government of Syria, Turkey has now begun shelling into Syria to aid their Rebel forces and ISIS Terrorists!

Sources on the ground inside Syria tell SuperStation95 that the Turks began a furious artillery barrage at about 6:00 AM eastern US time today. Turkey is attacking the Kurdish YPG .

It is unclear at this time, whether the YPG is pro-Bashar Assad and his duly elected government, but it is clear that YPG directly engaged and destroyed ISIS in past battles. So on the surface, it appears that YPG are the "good guys" and Turkey is attacking them!

It is not known if Russian air forces will engage the artillery firing into Syria because to do so would mean attacking those forces located inside Turkey. If Russia were to attack them - even though they have lawful cause to do so -- it is clear that Turkey would cry to NATO that they had been "attacked" and try to invoke Article 5 of the NATO self-defense agreement. That would require NATO to come to the defense of Turkey, thus engaging Russia directly.

One intelligence source in the US, who must remain anonymous - told SuperStation95 "This has disaster written all over it."

This is a fast developing story, and will be updated frequently today (13 February 2016). Check back often.

UPDATE: 12:10 PM EST -- Turkish Official boldly declares "major escalation will take place in Syria within 24 hours."

UPDATE: 12:32 PM EST -- Turkish warplanes are flying on the Turkey side of the Turkey/Syria Border, fast and low. Russian warplanes are flying on the Syrian side of the Turkey/Syria border. If any single one of these pilots flies across -- or fires across - the border, all hell is going break lose TODAY.

UPDATE 12:50 PM EST -- Kuwait caught moving troops and war gear into Turkey! A Kuwaiti Air Force C-17 Globemaster, no identification tracking, on final approach to IST Ataturk 5/23runway:

Updates 1:30 PM EST --

YPG still is moving south of Azaz, Syria towards the town of Tel Rifat. This offensive appears coordinated with Russian Air Force. BREAKING: Heavy clashes outside Tel Rifaat between YPG/SDF and Turkish backed jihadists! Source in Efrin says they are OUTSIDE Tel Rifaat but offensive launched to retake it. Heavy clashes ongoing! 37 air raids at least by Russian Air Force on Til Rifaat today, now YPG/SDF will try to take it. It's been held by jihadists for long time.

URGENT: 1:56 PM Eastern US Time, 13 February 2016 --- Stratfor is now confirming Russia has dispatched a ship to the Mediterranean, to deliver NUCLEAR-TIPPED CRUISE MISSILES.

UPDATE 2:03 PM Eastern US Time -- Syrian Forces Commander Abu Omar told Russian news outlet "Sputnick" via electronic interview "Turkey is attacking us with mortars and rockets across the border. If the attacks continue, we will respond"

UPDATE 2:34 PM Eastern US Time -- In an utterly UNPRECEDENTED move, Turkey has begun notifying NEWS AGENCIES (Like Ours) to make certain we are at worked and properly staffed tomorrow because there will be very big news and a huge escalation in Syria. This is amazing to us; governments don't do this sort of thing. They aren't saying exactly what will happen but the thought is a major air offensive with the Saudis ahead of ground troops. Some pathfinder forces are already on the ground in Syria

UPDATE 2:41 PM Eastern US Time -- Turkey is closing major roads near Syrian border and hospitals are being cleared.

URGENT UPDATE: 2:45 PM Eastern US Time -- UK military members told to cancel all plans and all leave, prepare for deployment to Syria!

UPDATE 2:49 PM Eastern US Time -- Turkish Military Artillery Forces have just begun yet another barrage of artillery fire into Syria; this one is directly targeting the Syrian Arab Army and is a direct attack upon the lawful government of Syria -- Turkey is now levying war upon Syria. Turkey attacked first. Turkey cannot expect to be able to invoke NATO Article 5 because Turkey attacked first.

Update 2:58 PM Eastern US Time -- An entire FLEET of Russian Antonov-124 cargo planes (the largest cargo planes in the world) have begun arriving in Syria carrying Russian Tanks, Nuclear-tipped artillery shells and other major warfighting gear. Within the last 90 minutes, TWO of these massive cargo aircraft have landed and began unloading. Other Antoniv's can be seen circling under the watchful eye of Russian warplanes as shown below:

UPDATE 3:17 PM Eastern US Time 13 February 2016 -- Russian Air Force Strategic Bomber/Tanker HF Voice Net "BALANS" Heavily Active with numerous fighter jets arranging re-fueling on their trip from northwestern Russia to Syria. NUMEROUS NUMEROUS Russian Fighter Jets in the air enroute to Syria right now

UPDATE 3:20 PM Eastern US Time -- THIRD Antoniv-124 Cargo Jet landing in Syria . . . many more circling or enroute to supply Russian Military Forces again what is now believed to be IMMINENT ATTACK By Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others. War likely to start by Tomorrow, Sunday, 14 February 2016 . . . . . . . . .

UPDATE 3:40 PM Eastern US Time --- Turkish artillery in Hayat, Turkey is targeting Syrian Arab Army positions near #Latakia. Syria. This is an additional line of attack by Turkey, directly against the lawful army of the duly-elected government of Syria. Turkey and Syria are now in a de facto state of war.

UPDATE 3:45 PM Eastern US Time -- FLASH: Turkish artillery has begun hitting Syrian Army positions in northern #Syria

UPDATE 3:51 PM Eastern US Time -- Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu says "Syrian Kurdish militia must withdraw from area around Azaz in northern Syria." (Did you get that? The TURKISH foreign minister is telling certain people in ANOTHER COUNTRY, that they must leave their country because TURKEY says so! What balls!)

UPDATE 4:01 PM Eastern US Time -- The Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia has told CNN "Assad will leave — have no doubt about it. He will either leave by a political process or he will be removed by force." (Did you get that? The foreign minister of SAUDI ARABIA is deciding who can be the duly-elected President of ANOTHER COUNTRY, Syria!! What Balls!)

UPDATE 4:25 PM Eastern US Time -- SuperStation95 has consulted with military experts who told us "Turkey is ready to deploy some 18,000 troops with substantial artillery and air support to occupy a 30-kilometer deep territory across the border running from the city of Jarabulus westward to the city of Azaz. The operation would cover an area under ISIS control, and it would provide a direct military assistance to terrorists and facilitate establishing of a buffer zone for the vestiges of their forces in Northern Syria. It would drastically escalate the tensions with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). However, the Turkish military is fully capable of completing the first move aimed to push the SAA and the SDF from the aforementioned area and occupy a significant part of Northern Syria. This step will likely face a hard answer of the Russian military grouping located in the country. The Russian land and navy air-defense systems and fighter jets are fully capable to neutralize the Turkish air force which will allow the Syrian government to counter-attack the Turkish intervention forces. Thus, the anti-terrorist forces will get a chance to exercise a counter-attack which will be likely supported by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces."

UPDATE 4:43 PM Eastern US Time -- Turkey has now opened fire with artillery against FOUR separate Geographic zones inside Syria.

UPDATE 4:50 PM Eastern US Time -- Qatar-i warplanes Have arrived with Saudi Arabia warplanes at Incirlik Airbase in Turkey -- Air Attacks upon Syria deemed "Imminent"

UPDATE 4:53 PM Eastern US Time -- Russia has increased the Alert Level for its entire military.

UPDATE 5:00 PM Eastern US Time -- Turkish Artillery is shelling Deir Jamal, Syria and Malikiyah, Syria

Former Turkish Foreign Minister Yasar Yakis has warned that Turkey may risk losing a portion of its own territory should it decide to intervene militarily in Syria amid an intensified military campaign by regime forces backed by Russia.

UPDATE: 5:57 PM Eastern US Time -- Russia is amassing military supplies in its Southern Military District - high alert

UPDATE 5:58 PM Eastern US Time -- Eyewitnesses: The Main highway from Kerch to Simferopol, Crimea is completely LOADED with huge military convoys and trucks carrying VAST amounts of heavy military hardware to the Black Sea Port at Simferopol. The road has a traffic back-up two-hundred eight kilometers long (208 KM) made up of 100% military convoys.

UPDATE 6:04 PM Eastern US Time -- BREAKING: Turkey confirms that its artillery targeted Syrian regime positions in Latakia (This is now an actual admission by the sovereign government of Turkey that it has deliberately attacked the forces of the legitimate and sovereign government of Syria. Without cause or justification, Turkey has begun a war.)

UPDATE 6:11 PM Eastern US Time -- Emergency Action Messages (EAM) - the highest priority message in the entire United States Military Command Structure, requiring IMMEDIATE attention and action -- have been broadcasting non-stop for about the last ten minutes on 8992 KHz USB.

UPDAT 6:16 PM Eastern US Time -- URGENT: Turkish artillery renews attack on Syrian govt army positions in Aleppo

UPDATE 7:13 PM Eastern US Time -- Reports from border town Kilis, Turkey: Heavy shelling still continues towards positions inside Syria.

Prolific researcher and analyst John Galt of the Shenandoah web site says that should Saudi Arabia put boots on the ground and attempt to engage ground forces in Syria the consequences may be disastrous:

The Saudi forces allegedly deployed are designed for operations to protect the royals. Saudi SF are not trained for foreign engagements, have no familiarity with Syrian, Iranian, or other combat operations.

It would be like sending our TSA to fight the Mexican Drug cartels in Monterrey.

If the Saudi and GCC SF’s engage in combat inside of Syria without US oversight, they will lose 50% of their forces in the first engagement with Syrian or Hezbollah forces who now have learned how to launch coordinated air and ground assaults on enemy positions.

The Saudi military is a joke.

The Saudis have a bigger problem; they don’t even control their Southern border. They are losing tanks, men, and other equipment daily to a bunch of sandal clad Houthi warriors while they have the “best” equipment from the United States.

“Whatever propaganda the Saudis continue to feed their domestic population,” he says, “is being betrayed by the arrival of body bags from the front lines.”

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