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Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital Offers Transgender Drugs, Hormones to Children

( Breitbart )

The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at the Maine Medical Center has a “Gender Clinic” that offers “Gender affirming hormone therapy” and other medical interventions to children to prevent natural biological development.

Neither the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library nor the George W. Bush Presidential Library responded to Breitbart News’s comment request asking if they “consider these services for children a part of Barbara Bush’s legacy.”

On its website, the Maine Medical Center states that the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, located in Portland, ME, “is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of transgender, gender diverse and questioning youth across Northern New England.”

“We offer treatment to children and their families, from childhood through adolescence and young adulthood (through age 26),” it adds. The hospital’s child sex-affirming gained viral attention Sunday in a tweet from the @LibsofTikTok account.

THREAD: Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Maine has a ‘gender clinic’ which offers puberty blockers to kids, cross-sex hormones, guides for boys on “tucking”, and guides for girls on “chest binding.” They also promote their services in helping young children fully transition: — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) October 2, 2022

Among the services offered are “Menstrual suppression” to stop “unwanted periods,” Puberty blockers” as a way “to stop puberty hormones,” and “Gender affirming hormone therapy,” which includes estrogen for boys and testosterone for girls. Additionally, the hospital named after the late Republican first lady provides “Surgical consultation,” including “mental health letter[s] or referral[s].”

Another page on the Maine Medical Center’s website states that it “is extremely proud to support Barbara Bush’s legacy through The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.”

In addition to offering extreme and radical sex-changing procedures for vulnerable American children, the hospital offers guides on how boys can tuck their genitals and how girls can bind their breasts.

Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital’s ‘Gender Clinic’ provides a guide for girls on “chest binding” so they can appear more masculine. — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) October 2, 2022

The “Guide to Safe Tucking” offers a technique of pushing the testicles into the inguinal canal from which they traveled before birth. This method “increases [the testicles’] temperature,” which “may cause fertility issues long-term,” the “Safe” guide notes. It also provides an alternative method that instructs children to push “the testicles back and to the side.”

“Once the testicles are in place, place the penis and scrotum back between your legs. You can secure these within your gluteal cleft (the space between your buttocks),” the guide reads. From there, children are told to secure their genitals with a piece of medical tape, “Layering underwear,” or using “Control briefs.”

The “Guide to Safe Binding” includes options for girls to bind their breasts using sports bras, compression shirts, athletic tape, or “binders/medical compression shirt[s].”

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