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Biden admin claims nearly every COVID death is preventable with vaccines

( Post Millennial )

During a White House press conference on Thursday, the Biden administration's COVID-19 Response Coordinator claimed that nearly every COVID death could be prevented by keeping up to date with their vaccines.

Dr. Ashish Jha spoke at the White House on Thursday to go over President Biden's Winter COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, using the opportunity to push the vaccine booster shots on the public. "You're not going to be surprised to hear me say this," he begins. "The most important thing Americans can do is to go get their updated COVID-19 vaccine right away."

He goes on to give a very brief update on the epidemiological situation regarding the coronavirus.

"So far nationally in our analysis of the data, our death numbers are just beginning to rise," he states. "We obviously want to make sure that does not go any further."

He follows this up by claiming that vaccines prevent nearly all deaths in order to convince the public to get their booster shots.

"We know we can prevent nearly every death from COVID If people get their updated vaccines that people get treated," the Doctor claimed afterward, "so we continue to push that message."

This message goes against a study conducted for the Washington Post which revealed that in August 2022, 58 percent of COVID-19 deaths were people who were vaccinated or boosted.

This is a significant increase from a similar study undertaken in September 2021, which revealed that vaccinated individuals made up 23 percent of COVID fatalities.

Cynthia Cox, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation that conducted the study, told the Post, "We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated."

In October, one of the chief scientists with the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there simply wasn't enough evidence to say with confidence that the vaccines would prevent people from getting infected, then passing it on to others.

Despite all this, the Biden administration still maintains a vaccine mandate for military personnel, something that an incoming GOP-led House has promised to axe.

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