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Biological male 'mother' of 2 'trans kids' tells MN legislature child sex changes are 'life saving'

( Post Millennial )

A trans-identified male who claims to be the “mother” of two “trans kids” testified before a Minnesota House Committee in favor of Minnesota becoming a trans refuge state for people seeking out-of-state medical sex changes. The biological male has a trans partner as well as two children who are involved in gender identity.

“My name is Amber Mom; I use she/her pronouns,” began the male who identifies as a woman and a mother. “I am also a proud transgender woman. But more importantly, I am the mother of two wonderful transgender and gender-expansive children.”

Amber described the “torrent of damaging, ill-informed, and outright malicious legislation being introduced across the country” as reason for Minnesota to become a “safe haven” for transgender individuals and parents seeking experimental sex changes for their children. This would align Minnesota with California in being a "sanctuary state" for "trans kids."

The proposed bill to turn Minnesota into a trans refuge state was put forward by trans-identified male Rep. Leigh Finke. The legislation seeks to prevent “out-of-state laws from interfering in the practice of gender-affirming health care.”

“Minnesota is a state that prides itself on providing world-class health care, but as extreme anti-trans legislation appears in numerous states, including our neighbors, Minnesota must also become a safe harbor for those seeking gender-affirming care,” said Rep. Finke.

House File 146 would turn Minnesota into a trans refuge state by protecting trans people, their families, and medical practitioners from legal repercussions for traveling to Minnesota to receive sex change interventions including experimental puberty blockers for children.

The testimony went on to reveal that Amber’s partner is also transgender.

“My trans partner and I frequently discuss plans to flee the country, if these targeted, hateful bills keep being introduced or passed,” said Amber.

Like many transgender adults who transitioned later in life after becoming parents, Amber advocates for gender-confused children to have their puberty blocked and their fertility destroyed.

“As someone who started transitioning well into…adulthood, I know better than most how essential and life-saving gender-affirming medical care is,” Amber testified. “Going through natal puberty was a traumatizing experience for me. I am so grateful that trans and gender expansive kids have access to the knowledge and medical care to be their full selves and thrive.”

Amber felt that legislation that prohibits doctors from performing experimental sex changes on children was “barbaric and morally repugnant.”

However, several nations have now banned medical sex changes for minors after systematic reviews of the evidence for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones found that the risks far outweigh any perceived benefits. Sweden and Finland now only offer puberty blockers and hormones in the strictest of research settings and England is expected to follow suit upon completion of an independent review of its gender services.

The president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) recently admitted that social contagion is a factor driving many young people to adopt a transgender identity, and soon-to-be published research shows that the rate of detransition and regret is far higher than gender-affirming care proponents claim.

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