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Bipartisan group of California lawmakers seek to suspend the state gas tax for a year

( Post Millennial )

A bipartisan group made up of moderate Democrats and Republicans in California are working to push a bill through the State Capitol that would suspend the state’s gas tax for a year.

Lawmakers promised relief to Californians over two months ago in response to the rising cost of gas and inflation. Some lawmakers want to pass the legislation by the end of this week. Assembly Bill 2457 faces a deadline Friday to pass the assembly but efforts to suspend rules and force a vote fell short Wednesday.

According to Fox 40, the bipartisan group of lawmakers sent Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon a letter Thursday requesting that the bill be removed from committee and be considered by the Assembly on Friday.

According to AAA, the statewide average price for a gallon of regular unleaded reached a new high this week of $6.07. Lawmakers fear that the price at the pump is on track to exceed $7 per gallon.

The 51-cent gas tax will go up another 3 cents on July 1, according to the state’s Department of Finance.

California has an almost $100 billion budget surplus.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed sending $400 to the state’s car owners, while legislative leaders want to make payments based on family size and income.

A poll by the Public Policy Institute of California showed that among the top five issues for California voters were the economy, gas prices and inflation.

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