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Boston Children’s Hospital Updates Website After Backlash over Transgender Surgery Center

Boston Children’s Hospital is playing victim after the organization’s Center for Gender Surgery, which brags of offering a “full suite of surgical options for transgender teens and young adults,” took the national spotlight over the last week.

The hospital now claims that criticisms and “attacks” on clinicians and staff are fueled by “misinformation and a lack of understanding and respect for our transgender community,” all while subtly removing videos detailing transgender procedures and updating its website to say that genital surgeries are only performed on individuals 18 and older — a claim that was not clear on the original webpage at the time of Breitbart News’s original report.

Boston Children’s Hospital rose to the spotlight last week after the emergence of videos from the hospital’s YouTube channel went viral, one of which featured attending physician Frances Grimstad, MD, MS, Division of Gynecology, detailing what goes into a “gender-affirming” hysterectomy.

“A gender-affirming hysterectomy is very similar to most hysterectomies that occur. Hysterectomy itself is the removal of the uterus, the cervix — which is the opening of the uterus — and the fallopian tubes, which are attached to the sides of the uterus,” Grimstad said in the video, explaining that some “gender-affirming hysterectomies” will “also include the removal of the ovaries.” The video has since been removed, as have others.

Upon further review, Breitbart News detailed the hospital’s Center for Gender Surgery, which the organization proudly describes as the “first center of its kind in the U.S. in a major pediatric hospital setting.”

“The Center for Gender Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital offers gender affirmation surgery services to eligible adolescents and young adults who are ready to take this step in their journey,” the website clearly states, although it has since updated the page, writing in bold that “all genital surgeries are only performed on patients age 18 and older.” That note was not present when Breitbart News first reported this story.

Rather, it detailed the “full suite of surgical options for transgender teens and young adults,” listing chest reconstructions, breast augmentations, facial harmonizations, vaginoplasties, metoidioplasties, phalloplasties, “and other gender affirmation surgeries to eligible patients.” Additionally, a previous version of the hospital’s eligibility webpage stated that an individual had to be “at least 17 years old for vaginoplasty.”

The hospital is also willing to perform chest surgery on minors as young as 15 years old if they meet certain requirements, including:

  • A letter from a medical doctor or nurse practitioner stating that you have “persistent, well documented, gender dysphoria” and specifying either the length of hormone therapy or why you are not taking hormone therapy.

  • A letter from a mental health provider stating that you have the capacity to consent and that any significant mental health issues are being addressed.

Breitbart News reached out to Boston Children’s Hospital last week, asking for further information on how would justify performing such procedures on adolescents, given the mounting criticisms that it is not based in facts or actual science. Breitbart News also asked how many “gender-affirming” surgeries the hospital performed on children in the last year, but the hospital ignored the inquiries.

Rather, the hospital has seemingly opted to remove videos from its YouTube channel and play victim, as establishment media outlets now accuse the right of launching a “harassment campaign” against the hospital, which was given the opportunity to further explain itself to this outlet.

According to NBC News, the hospital claimed the original reports were “based on the incorrect statement that Boston Children’s performs genital surgeries on minors in connection with transgender care.”

“For hysterectomies and other genital surgeries performed as part of gender-affirming care, Boston Children’s requires a patient to be capable of consenting for themselves,” the hospital said before continuing to backpedal, finally landing on 18 as the “standard age of majority for medical decision-making.”

“Boston Children’s does not perform genital surgeries as part of gender-affirming care on a patient under the age of 18,” it added.

The hospital also claimed in an email statement to NBC News that it “has been the target of a large volume of hostile internet activity, phone calls, and harassing emails including threats of violence toward our clinicians and staff.”

“We are deeply concerned by these attacks on our clinicians and staff fueled by misinformation and a lack of understanding and respect for our transgender community,” it added, once again expressing its pride in having the “first pediatric and adolescent transgender health program in the United States.”

Boston Children’s Hospital’s backtracking follows a continued debate over transgender procedures done on minors — something pushed for by the radical left. Even President Biden himself has urged parents to affirm their child’s chosen gender as his administration promotes “gender-affirming” healthcare for young people:

US: The Biden administration is pushing the gender affirmative model of care hard through US govt agencies. Note the ages for each medical treatment. Cross sex hormones for “early adolescents”. Surgery for adults – and adolescents “on a case by case basis”. — Genspect (@genspect) April 17, 2022

Florida is among those leading the way in questioning the “science” of transgenderism. A recent 45-page report from Florida Medicaid “concludes that sex reassignment surgeries, puberty blockers, and cross sex hormone treatments for people with gender dysphoria are not proven as ‘safe or effective’ treatments and are ‘experimental and investigational,’” as Breitbart News detailed.

“Studies presenting the benefits to mental health, including those claiming that the services prevent suicide, are either low or very low quality and rely on unreliable methods such as surveys and retrospective analyses, both of which are cross-sectional and highly biased,” the document reads in part.

Further, Florida is barring Medicaid from performing transgender procedures, beginning this month.

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