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CA ‘Party Mom,’ Accused of ‘Facilitating Sexual Encounters’ Between Minors, Allegedly Beaten in Jail

( Breitbart )

A 47-year-old California woman who is accused of procuring alcohol for minors on multiple occasions and even “facilitating sexual encounters” between them was reportedly assaulted by five of her fellow inmates in the jail where she’s being held.

Citing court documents, KRON 4 reported Monday that Shannon O’Connor, who is in custody at Elmwood Correctional Facility, was attacked by five women at the facility back in October.

Erika Amaya, Danielle Chavez, Sophia Vigil, Anita Quiroz, and Marjaana Gardea allegedly beat O’Connor “with their bare hands” until deputies intervened, according to the outlet. NBC Bay Area reported the alleged beating went on for about 16 seconds and that O’Connor did not attempt to fight back.

All five women reportedly face one count of assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury. Authorities say the motive for the alleged beating is unclear, per KRON. The outlet reported that O’Connor was taken to the hospital for treatment and later returned to the jail.

A felony complaint summary indicates O’Connor faces 39 charges, including endangering or injuring the health of a child and sexual battery.

Another document from the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office detailed the allegations against O’Connor.

The District Attorney’s Office claims she “Facilitated sexual encounters” between minors “and watched some of these sexual encounters” in the context of parties she allegedly held for said minors.

O’Connor, who has gained the moniker “Party Mom” in the media, allegedly communicated with the minors through Snapchat groups and purchased alcohol for the minors on multiple occasions. The document claims one such event included “Multiple minors passing out and vomiting from alcohol intoxication”

ABC 7 reported a judge had denied O’Connor bail in February 2022, saying, “these felonies qualify as acts of violence.”

O’Connor had a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 6, but the hearing was postponed until April 17, NBC Bay Area reported

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