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Chilling images show students at Salvador Ramos’ HS pretending to be dead during active-shooter dril

( NYPost )

Haunting images show students pretending to be dead during a recent active-shooter drill at the Texas mass murderer’s high school — conducted by the cop husband of one of the slain teachers.

Ruben Ruiz, a Uvalde school district cop and husband of slain Robb Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Eva Mireles, held the chillingly prophetic drill on March 22 at Uvalde High School, where gunman Salvador Ramos, 18, was a student.

“Our overall goal is to train every Uvalde area law enforcement officer so that we can prepare as best as possible for any situation that may arise,” the police agency said on its Facebook page.

The 16-year veteran posted photos on Facebook showing him and fellow officers posing as active shooters. He also is seen addressing students about how to react to such emergencies.

Several students are seen lying still in the halls as they played dead during the drill.

One photo also shows a fake attacker confronting one of the officers, who points an orange handgun at him.

Ruiz’s wife, Mireles, 44, taught fourth-graders at Robb Elementary School, her cousin Cristina Arizmendi Mireles said on Facebook.

“My beautiful cousin! Such a devastating day for us all! My heart is shattered into a million pieces,” she wrote.

A neighbor of Mireles told The Post the teacher “was just a sweetheart.”

“It’s a tragedy that this happened to a person like this,” said the neighbor, who did not want to be identified.

“She was the sweetest person, and she would take her cute dogs out on walks and she would say, ‘Hi.’

“Her husband is a police officer, and they are just very nice people. We are in shock something like this would happen. This is a quiet community.”

At least 19 kids and two teachers were killed in Tuesday’s slaughter, the worst school shooting in US history since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, which left 20 kids and six adults dead.

Another 15 kids and four adults were wounded in the Robb Elementary shooting, hospital officials said.

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