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Female prisoners in Australia launch petition to remove biological male prisoners

( Post Millennial )

A petition by female inmates to remove biological males from women's prisons in Victoria, Australia has been launched after a transgender inmate with a history of violent sexual assaults against women was admitted last month.

"Female prisoners are petitioning multiple Victorian government departments for the immediate removal of the man in question," reads a press release from Women's Forum Australia.

The biological male was introduced to the female population at the Dame Phyllis Frost Correctional Centre in Deer Park on July 5. The female inmates, concerned about the prisoner's "working" male genitalia and history of violence and sexual abuse towards women, say that the biological male should not be there.

The petition states many female prisoners have been the victims of sexual assault in the past and "carry significant trauma associated with this experience." Upon learning of the biological male prisoner's admittance into their space, "the mental wellbeing of many of the women was severely compromised."

The trans-identified male was initially isolated in the "Murray" unit, but the prison aims to integrate the prisoner with the rest of the female population, for "a full living, working and socialisation integration," according to the Herald Sun.

The female inmates have contacted the Minister for Corrections, the Department of Justice and Community Safety, Corrections Victoria and the Ombudsman for help in dealing with situation.

"We feel threatened, unsafe, distressed and traumatised with this current situation. Accordingly, we demand that (the inmate) be immediately removed from the Murray unit," the petition reads.

The trans-identified male inmate pleaded guilty last year to sexually assaulting a woman, but at the time identified as a man. Court proceedings revealed that the male inmate also spent spent time in a European jail for a child sex offense.

According to a report from British media 2 years ago, trans-identified male prisoners have sexually assaulted seven female inmates. Karen White, convicted of rape, is one famous example of a trans-identified male who committed two sexual assaults on two female inmates while at New Hall Prison.

"Every effort should be made to ensure the safety and welfare of all prisoners, but housing men in women’s prisons - particularly dangerous male sex offenders - is not the answer. We call on you to urgently act to protect the safety, rights and wellbeing of female prisoners in Victoria," reads the petition.

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