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Gas station owner punished by BP oil after telling staff not to remove Biden ‘I did that’ stickers

( Post Millennial )

A gas station owner in Wisconsin is being punished by oil and gas giant British Petroleum after telling staff not to remove Biden "I did that" stickers, which have become a nationwide phenomenon.

Customers across the country are criticizing President Joe Biden for the skyrocketing increase in gas prices, but BP appears to be taking extra measures to prevent customers from comically expressing their frustrations.

"They go right back up as fast as you take them down. So why keep fighting the battle?" Viking Village Gas owner Pam Coy told Fox News host Jesse Watters after being fined $400.

"I get BP doesn't want that stuff on their pumps. But I'm not wasting employee time taking them down when we're already short staffed with everything going on and I have better things for them to do," Coy continued.

The owner of Viking Village Gas explained that while it's not technically a fine, the gas station is able to receive a bonus every quarter. Because they won't remove the iconic stickers, BP is punishing them by not allowing them bonus money. So far, that total has come to $400.

"I agree with the stickers...and I'm tired of having my employees waste their time taking them down because people are venting, they're frustrated," Coy said. "So, I told my manager, my staff got more important things to do. Don't take them stickers down. I don't care if we lose the bonus money."

Coy said that the stickers are a way for her customers to "vent" and get their frustrations "off their chest."

Adding, "This is small town America. We have blue collar workers in this area, and the middle class and the lower class. They're feeling it the worst."

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