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GOP voters hard to poll after Biden declares MAGA Republicans a threat to democracy

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Joe Biden’s MAGA Republican remarks have reportedly made it more difficult to poll GOP voters.

“MAGA Republicans are the people who refuse to acknowledge that an election took place and there was a winner. MAGA Republicans are those people who, in fact, say that the use of violence is a legitimate tool, like what happened to the Capitol,” President Biden told 60 Minutes. — 60 Minutes (@60Minutes) September 19, 2022

According to the Epoch Times, Trafalgar Group Chief Pollster Robert Cahaly has stated that President Biden’s MAGA Republican remarks have made pollsters access to Republican voters even more scant.

He said that this will be a continuation of the trend seen in 2016 where Trump voters refused to answer polls. In 2020, even less Trump supporters answered polls which resulted in an undercount of GOP support.

Cahaly said that with federal law enforcement focusing on MAGA Republicans, even fewer voters will answer surveys.

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