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Gov. Jeff Landry Signs Legislation Ending State Business with Companies that Discriminate Against Gun Makers

Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry (R) signed legislation Tuesday that ends state business with financial companies that discriminate against firearm manufacturers and others in the gun industry.

The legislation is the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) praised Landry for signing the FIND Act.

NSSF’s Darren LaSorte noted that Gov. Landry’s work to protect gun makers and others in the firearms industry is a continuation of Landry’s efforts as Attorney General where he fought tooth and nail to protect the Second Amendment.

LaSorte said, “Governor Landry’s leadership in Louisiana was the inspiration behind the FIND Act. While Attorney General and serving on the State Bond Commission, he helped deny hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded work to ‘woke’ Wall Street banks that were refusing to provide our industry essential financial services.”

He added, “The Louisiana legislature passed the FIND Act in 2021, but it was vetoed by then-Governor John Bel Edwards. Today’s bill signing by Governor Landry demonstrates that elections have real consequences. By signing the FIND Act, Governor Landry is signaling to our industry that Louisiana is now a place where firearm industry members are welcomed with open arms.”

In a similar fashion. constitutional carry passed under then-Gov. Bel Edwards, only to be vetoed. But Landry entered office promising to defend Second Amendment rights and, on March 5, 2024, signed constitutional carry into law.

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