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Healthy Elite College Football Player “Passes Away Suddenly” With No Reported Cause of Death

( Liberty Daily )

It just keeps happening and far too few in media, even “conservative” media, have the guts to ask the obvious questions. Athletes around the world are dying from “mysterious” ailments, but the stories are dropped after a brief mention by the vast majority of news outlets. The obvious conclusion is that this phenomenon, which started with the rollout of the Covid-19 “vaccines,” must be caused by adverse reactions to the experimental jabs.

The latest victim is Luke Knox, 22, who played linebacker for Florida International University. His brother, Dawson, plays tight end for the Buffalo Bills.

Standard operating procedure for corporate media is to report the death, mention briefly that the cause of death is currently unknown, and then jump immediately to reactions from friends and teammates. There is never a mention of vaccine status, but we can assume the vast majority have been jabbed. According to the NY Post:

FIU coach Mike MacIntyre released a statement, writing that he will always remember Knox for his passion for football and his genuine love for his family and teammates. Knox transferred from Ole Miss to Florida International this offseason. Bills coach Sean McDermott addressed Knox’s passing at training camp, and said he woke up to the “tragic” news.
“Our hearts go out to Dawson and his family during this time and we’re right here with him supporting him and his family,” McDermott said.

Critics of our reporting often use the tired line that correlation is not causation. This is absolutely true, but here’s the thing. Nobody is investigating the correlations to determine if causation is in play. The absence of such investigations in light of the blatant statistical evidence that sudden deaths of young and otherwise healthy athletes have risen exponentially tells us two things. First, the powers-that-be are preventing investigations about these deaths. Second, the phenomenon is so blatant that even asking basic questions is anathema.

How many people have to die before corporate media asks? At the rate we’re going, it seems like there is no limit to how long they will ignore the obvious in order to perpetuate the “safe and effective” narrative.

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