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How to Change the World for the Better

Opinion by: Linda Kirby/WGON

Everyone can’t understand why this world has become so wicked so fast. It took longer than you thought, but it happened because we threw God out of our society. Once we did that completely in the 60s, we lost society quickly. When you create a void, something will fill it. Satan was happy to step in to fill that void. But, the church not only didn’t do their job to preserve society’s moral and Godly standards, it actually allowed the world to enter the church.

Why do we have so much crime now in comparison to past generations? Because we have no compass. When you have no compass the ship will fall upon the rocks and crash. Our compass is God’s Word. If we follow God’s Word, we will get rid of crime because Christians don’t rob banks or others. Christians don’t murder or rape, Christians don’t lie or deceive. Our government will be one for the people not for their own power and wealth.

Christians are called to be the salt. What does salt do? It preserves against rot. We as a church have greatly fallen down on that job. The church has rotted and thus, society has rotted and stinks to high heaven. There was a day when the church was the moral compass of society. Ladies were ladies because if they weren’t, the church would have a word with them and you didn’t want the church to have a word with you in those days. Gentlemen were gentlemen for the same reason. Society, being a Godly, moral society would make you an outcast. The people lived their lives in a Godly manner being the salt to preserve their society’s moral values and Godly lives. Today the church has been infiltrated with atheist pastors and seminaries. They have allowed the world in and kicked God out. The proof of that is what society and the church have become. How can society survive a church like this:

We need to take our church back. We need to follow God’s Word so we can be the salt. We need to guide others to Jesus. This will only help but if we don’t, this world will become even more wicked and more corrupt. Then, God have mercy on us. Be a “Rebel for Jesus” and rebel against the corrupt churches and the false teachers. Rebel against the world and their push to make us conform. We are followers of Christ, not followers of the world.

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