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By: the Holy Spirit via One4Yeshua

Last year, when my Canadian town became an island, isolated by severe flooding all around, I prayed WITH EXTREME FAITH that my little neighborhood and our lands would NOT be affected. I walked around my house and, in prayer, re-consecrated this home, the neighborhood and the farmland out back to our Heavenly Father in Yeshua's name and the waters did NOT come near. It was an atmospheric river and through the heavy rain I prayed in GREAT FAITH = REALLY BELIEVING my prayers would SURELY be answered, in spite of the wicked weather my eyes were observing. Praise His Name, my house and neighborhood were not affected, though this town was cut off and surrounded by water and the neighboring farmlands, in a town called Abbotsford, were totally devastated and are still suffering [economically] as a result.

I've heard, just last week, that someone in the U.S. had written the Hebrew letters: Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay = YHVH on their windows as they were forced to exit their home for safety. When they returned, all the houses around were totally demolished by the storm and the YHVH house was 100% in perfect standing. PRAISE THE MOST HIGH!!!! For the record, such was also the case, many, many years ago when the KERR canning jar factory was in the direct path of an oncoming tornado or hurricane (I can't recall which). Anyway, as the factory had to be abandoned for safety reasons, Mr. Kerr FAITHFULLY prayed that the LORD would keep his factory from harm ... and you know the rest ... the factory was protected throughout even though everything all around it was totally devastated. PRAISE FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!

Now, this whole world is about to be faced with the absolute WORST OF TIMES, EVER. So, as our dear friend, Pastor Patrick always counsels: STAY PRAYED UP.

I'm adding this: IN PRAYER, Consecrate your own self and family members, your house and the property it sits on and all your belongings ... consecrate them to the Lord, in prayer. Pray against the wicked/evil forces you are encountering. For example: In the Holy and Powerful Name of Yeshua, Son of the Most HIgh, I pray by His shed blood that every room in this house will be blessed and protected and delivered FROM the forces of evil in the name of, and for the sake of our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Glory to you, Father YeHoVaH in Yeshua's name, I praise and thank you for your divine protection against all evil forces. Hallelujah, I praise your mighty ways!

I'm looking forward to meeting all REAL SOON, IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE!!!!

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