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I hear the next 48 hr to 72 hrs. should be interesting

By: Linda Kirby/WGON

I just got the news that the world is on the verge of WWIII, this time for real and not just fear mongering as it has been for a long time. I hear everything is moving into place in Europe, our country’s military is being placed in various countries. I hear the next 48 to 72 hours should be interesting. General Sir Patrick Sanders, Britain's Chief of the General Staff, says they are in their “1937 moment”. In other words, Britain will be one of the first countries to engage in world war.

I knew war was coming sooner because of Sweden and Finland going to join NATO. "NATO invites Finland, Sweden to join, says Russia is a 'direct threat', reports Reuters. Another report says, "NATO's intervention in the Ukraine-Russia war could tilt the conflict into a "big, colossal war" amounting to a Third World War, warned State Duma member Andrey Gurulyov on Russian State TV Russia1. Speculations around NATO directly taking part in the war have mounted on the set of the Russian State TV Russia1 since former NATO commander-in-chief Wesley Clark said the only way Ukraine can prevail is through direct NATO and Western support." Reported the Express.

It seems the UK and the US are pushing for this war. This is how they can tear down the world to bring in their NWO, their Great Reset. You can’t have a new system in the world with the old system still there. Our economy is in the tank as is most of the world. They did that with the fake covid pandemic lock downs of entire countries.

The people who should know if a world war is imminent, says we are already in WWIII. Billionaire investor Bill Ackman says Russia's attack on Ukraine means World War III has 'likely already started'. The Business Insider reported. However, now they are talking more and more about a nuclear strike. It looks like Putin has his bulls eye on the UK and who knows who else. And, if you have been following the saga between Russia and oil to Britain, you can see why Britain is in the cross hairs. I believe a Russian nuclear strike could happen and it will bring the world to it’s knees.

Those demons in DC want this war so badly but they will be in bunkers while the people they are supposed to serve will be left to die or suffer. They are dividing our country, turning everyone against each other, they are destroying our economy, they are bringing about a famine, and now WWIII with nuke strikes.

Should be an interesting rest of the week. I get my info from the main stream media so take it with a grain of salt, but being a watchman means I have to tell you or I have blood on my hands. I'm not able to vet info that is top secret. I just want you to have the information and you can do with it as you will. God have mercy on us all!

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