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Idaho drag show for kids canceled after backlash

A "Back to School All Ages Drag Show" in Idaho was canceled after online backlash to “misinterpretation of marketing materials.”

The second annual event sponsored by Southeastern-Idaho Pride at the College Market coffee shop in Pocatello, Idaho was scheduled for September 24. According to the marketing material, "The free event aims to bring the fun and inviting spirit of drag to those who aren’t typically able to attend shows in their traditional setting (bars, clubs, etc.)."

Libs of TikTok posted the marketing material for the event on Friday and the online backlash to the event was swift. On Monday, just three days later Southeastern-Idaho Pride posted on the Facebook page that the show was canceled.

"We as a group have decided to cancel the September 24th Drag show," the group wrote. "The event as planned was a G rated theatrical review, by all 18+ performers. However, due to the misinterpretation of marketing materials, and to mitigate the harm to our LGBTQ+ community, we feel it is best to not proceed with this performance."

A similar drag show event that had been planned for the Boise Pride Festival was canceled after facing similar online accusations of sexualizing children. Sponsors for Boise Pride pulled out of the event, including Zions Bank and the Idaho Department of Health.

The popular Libs of TikTok account that rose to prominence by reposting videos and events from left-wing activists has been a favorite target of left-wing media outlets and Big Tech.

The account has been suspended from Twitter on numerous occasions, including for posting a thread about child drag shows that the social media platform said violated its rules against "abuse and harassment." Twitter employees even discussed permanently banning the account from its platform.

The account has been a frequent target of Taylor Lorenz and The Washington Post. On Monday it was revealed that the outlet is writing a hit piece claiming that the account’s expose of "gender-affirming" surgeries for minors at children's hospitals "foster[s] violence" and that her "posts led to death threats" against doctors.

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