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By: Linda Kirby/WGON

As we learned last year, vaccinated people are the spreaders of covid yet the corrupt CDC tells us this is not true. So, as I was reading this article from MSN this morning, they started out with this:

"Joe and Susannah Altman are serious poker players. Sometimes, when they play in tournaments, they’ll place what’s called a “Last Longer” bet with friends who see which of them can outlast the others. The pandemic kept the Altmans, both 58, away from the in-person tables for over a year — Susannah has lupus, and at the time, they were caring for a friend with cancer — but they came out of lockdown a little over a year ago, after getting vaccinated, and since then have had some close calls. The Las Vegas couple dined with friends who subsequently tested positive. Joe spent a day with their 25-year-old son, only to have that son be diagnosed with covid 48 hours later. Just last month, Susannah went to lunch with four friends, two of whom tested positive days later."

Did you notice something there? Without MSN realizing it, they told the world that being vaccinated spreads the virus. Just as we have learned already. Of course, they still don't see it.

I just wanted to point this out to you in case you didn't see the article. They are trying to get more people vaccinated and to discount natural immunity in this article.

We have read that President Biden has covid now. They say they are showing him working and feeling fine with just a few mild symptoms and they admit to turning the diagnosis into a “teachable moment...”. They want to show us that getting vaxxed and boosted will keep you from getting seriously ill from covid. While we see MSN's article shows the vaccinated were the ones spreading the virus. We read articles and studies showing being vaccinated brings on covid and in a serious way. Nearly 60% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Israel fully vaccinated, data shows.

President Biden is being given that new antiviral drug Paxlovid which Fauci said made him worse. He took it while suffering with covid and after he got over covid, Paxlovid made it come back much worse.

Here's my concern. We know Biden is now becoming a mill stone around the globalists neck with his dementia. We wondered how they were going to get rid of him. I wonder if they will cause his death with this treatment he's getting? He's 79 yrs. old and not in great shape no matter what their corrupt doctors at the White House says. He's what was drilled into our heads all 2020 that people with co morbidity are at higher risk for death once they get covid. He's a cancer survivor which means the vaccine is making that cancer resurface, if we believe what he said recently that he had cancer. It's being denied as one of his dementia moments, but I'm wondering...since the vaccine brings back cancer in cancer survivors, I'm wondering if he's right? Add to that his dementia state and his age, all puts him in a dangerous place. Fauci is the same age as Biden but he doesn't suffer from the same health issues as Biden. So, my concern is who will take Biden's place...she is not able to talk above a 2nd grade level so I am concerned for this country no matter who is president now.

Biden is a problem for the mid terms. Look for a big development in the next few weeks on his health.

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