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Jihadi Migrant Who Launched Deadly Stabbings in Spanish Churches Sees ‘Devils’

( Breitbart )

Yasin Kanjaa, a radical Muslim accused of murdering one and injuring several others after attacks in two churches in Spain, has claimed he sees “devils” as authorities look into the state of his mental health.

The medical staff of the Spanish National Court have carried out an examination into the mental state of Kanjaa. He allegedly told them that he sees “devils” after the investigating judge in the case, Joaquín Gadea, ordered the examination to determine whether or not Kanjaa was fit for trial.

A source close to the case has claimed that the National Court has agreed to extend investigations for another month but that the result of the psychiatric evaluation will not have an immediate effect on Kanjaa’s current situation, El Mundo reports.

Late last month, Judge Gadea remanded the Moroccan national in custody on charges of murder and attempted murder for the attacks in two churches in Algeciras, which were all directed at Roman Catholic churchmen, including a priest who was stabbed in the neck and sacristan Diego Valencia, who was killed.

Judge Gadea also confirmed that the attack had been motivated by radical Islamic extremism his actions “can be qualified as a jihadist attack directed both against priests who profess the faith of the Catholic Church and against Muslims who for the investigated do not follow the precepts of the Qur’an.”

“The conduct of the investigated was conscious and had defined its objectives… [t]he first of them against the priests,” the judge said, adding that the “intention was to kill all the priests who were in the church.”

The National Police, meanwhile, have called Kanjaa “unstable” and stated that his self-radicalization would have occurred in an accelerated manner in a short period of time.”

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