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Just 26% Of Americans Say US Should Play A Major Role In The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

A national poll released Wednesday shows the majority of Americans do not want the U.S. to play a significant role in the growing crisis in Ukraine.

Over 50% of Americans believe the U.S.’s role in the situation between Russia and Ukraine should be “minor,” while just 26% of Americans say the U.S. should play a “major role” in the conflict, according to the latest AP-NORC survey.

More than half of Americans say they disapprove of President Biden’s foreign policy, with both Republican and Democratic responders showing higher disapproval than in June 2021, the poll reports.

In August, 45% of Americans were “very or extremely concerned” about Russia’s influence, the survey found. That number is now up to 53%.

Although the survey shows that Americans are now more concerned with Russia’s international influence, the U.S. continues to be more concerned with issues closer to home, like “the spread of misinformation, cyberattacks, and extremists based within the United States,” according to the AP-NORC poll.

The Biden administration announced Tuesday it is now calling the Russian movement into the Donbas region of Ukraine an “invasion,” according to CNN.

“We think this is, yes, the beginning of an invasion, Russia’s latest invasion into Ukraine. And you’re already seeing the beginning of our response that we have said will be swift and severe,” Deputy National Security Adviser Jon Finer told CNN.

Biden said in a statement Wednesday the U.S. would reimpose sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

“I have directed my administration to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG and its corporate officers,” the statement said. “These steps are another piece of our initial tranche of sanctions in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. As I have made clear, we will not hesitate to take further steps if Russia continues to escalate.”

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