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Justin Trudeau SWARMED in Hamilton by protesters calling him a tyrant, demanding his resignation

A tense scene unfolded in Hamilton Ontario as Justin Trudeau attempted to make his way to a bar for a function during his cabinet retreat.

Canadian freedom protesters waving maple leaf flags and carrying signs that read "F*ck Trudeau" yelled "You f*cking tyrant!" and "Resign!" at the embattled Prime Minister who has embraced division, authoritarianism and censorship during his tenure.

True North's Harry Faulker captured the scene on Twitter:

More footage was captured by independent journalist Keean Bexte:

"Does this look like a leader that has the respect of his people?" Bexte quipped

"Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet made their way to Hamilton, Ont. on Monday for the first day of a three-day retreat that will focus predominantly on growing and strengthening the economy, making life more affordable and improving health care for Canadians" reports Global News.

The three-day retreat has been met with peaceful protests by Canadian fed-up with the woke PM who implemented harsh lockdowns and Covid restrictions.

Earlier today, Trudeau was also met by angry protesters outside of his cabinet retreat who yelled at him that he was destroying the country.

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