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LA City Councilmember assaulted by far-left 'activist' at family-friendly holiday event

( Post Millennial )

During the annual Lincoln Heights Holiday Celebration on Friday evening, Los Angeles City Councilmember Kevin de León was allegedly assaulted by far-left activist Jason Reedy.

Reedy, who belongs to the extremist group People's City Council, physically confronted de León at the event, headbutting him before being taken to the ground.

As de León attempted to leave the room, activists began shouting "you're a racist, you're a racist."

Many activists remained at a distance while Reedy moved within inches of de León's face.

De León slipped past Reedy and tried to close the doors to prevent any escalation, but Reedy pushed them open and continued the confrontation with the city councilmember.

While the two were face to face, Reedy appares to have headbutted de León. Kevin de León then pushed Reedy back, and Reedy briefly fell to the ground. Reedy got up and the altercation continued.

On Saturday, de León's office released a statement on the matter.

"A group of so-called 'activists'–who have been harssing my staff and me for more than a year– cornered and physically assaulted me, a staff member, and a volunteer during a holiday event on Friday evening," de León wrote.

He explained that prior to the altercation, Reedy and his accomplices had been "shouting obscenities and disrupting a community toy giveaway and tree lighting ceremony," and as a result, he had attempted to flee so as to draw them away from the families and children in attendance.

De León explained that in addition to the headbutt, Reedy "launched a pelvic thrust" and struck him in the face with a "closed fist." He also "violently elbowed" a female staffer, and injured a volunteer.

"The escalating political rhetoric is beyond unacceptable," de León continued, lamenting the fact that activists were "turning verbal threats into physical acts of violence."

"In no way is violence a form of free speech and acts like these have no place in politics or democracy," de León concluded, calling on his fellow politicians to step up and curb the trend.

As Andy Ngo reports, the People's City Council "has been responsible for radicalizing people into militancy," suggesting that the group "celebrates violent extremism."

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