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Leftists Cry Bloody Murder After Man Drives Truck Through Protesters

There are very few hard and fast rules in life. "Get woke, go broke," is one of them. But even better, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes," is one, too. And that's the rule these protesters weren't aware of when they decided, like many equally stupid protesters before them, to play in the road.

It wasn't enough to play in the road, though. When a man was just attempting to get himself from point A to point B without any trouble, the pro-abortion protesters surrounded his vehicle.

\u201cWitnesses say this driver intentionally plowed through protestors in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who were gathered against today's Supreme Court decision. Police confirm one person was struck and are investigating if it was intentional. @kcrg\n\nPhoto credit goes Morrigan Sullivan.\u201d — Beth Malicki (@Beth Malicki) 1656121790

He "intentionally plowed through protesters"? No. He intentionally drove down the road, that thing that exists for the purpose of driving from one place to another. It's not a playground for protesters. But did he "plow" through them? Let's go to the tape!

\u201cHere is some more video of the incident at the protest. Protestors are sharing the video and pictures with me.\u201d — Lyz Lenz (@Lyz Lenz) 1656116457

Looks to me like he slow-rolled through the protest, giving all the little dimwits plenty of time to get out of the way. I would have been far more, how should I put this, deliberate? Of course, I have a grill guard on my truck. This guy probably didn't want to damage his vehicle with the empty skulls of protesters.

Ms. Lenz said in her thread that the man blew through a red light to run over protesters using a crosswalk. But she also says the police spoke to him and let him go. Something tells me Lenz might be lying to make the man into the villain. If I were to blow through a red light to hit protesters--and of course, I would never do that--I probably wouldn't proceed at five miles per hour...

We've also seen similar incidents before.

Several Twitterites came to the driver's defense, though, because they can see with their own two eyes--something the left doesn't much appreciate.

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