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Malibu Shaken by 4.2 Magnitude Early Morning Earthquake

( Breitbart )

The Malibu area had a rough early morning awakening Wednesday when a preliminary 4.2-magnitude earthquake hit, followed swiftly by a 3.5-magnitude jolt, shaking the area.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) , the first earthquake happened about 10 miles south of Malibu Beach at around 2 AM.

Seismologists estimate its depth was at about 9.2 miles, according to USGS.

Just seconds after the first jolt, a second earthquake was reported – a preliminary 3.5-magnitude earthquake, also 10 miles south of Malibu Beach. The depth for the second earthquake was reported at about eight miles, according to USGS.

Good morning Southern California! Did you feel the magnitude 4.2 earthquake about 10 miles south of Malibu Beach at 2:03 am? The #ShakeAlert system was activated. See: @Cal_OES @CAGeoSurvey @CaltechSeismo — USGS ShakeAlert (@USGS_ShakeAlert) January 25, 2023

No injuries or damage to the built environment has yet been reported.

The USGS is asking anyone who felt the quake to submit a brief report.

Meanwhile Malibu area residents quickly took to social media to record their reactions.

Anyone else woke up to that earthquake ! I’m in malibu but it shook me awake !! #earthquake #malibu — Roma Downey (@RealRomaDowney) January 25, 2023

Some speculated if a tsunami warning would be issued (so far one hasn’t).

Sheesh 4.2 in Malibu Beach I wonder will it be a tsunami warning 😱 #earthquake — Jay Lowery (@JamesMikeLowery) January 25, 2023

Others were happy to record they felt it.

Well that Earthquake was enough to wake me out of a good sleep. SHEESH!!! Malibu epicenter. — Derek K Cameron (@deekcam77) January 25, 2023

Californians have claimed that they felt tremors across Santa Monica.

Shockwaves have also been felt in Camarillo and Anaheim, according to NBCLA.

#BREAKING: 4.2 Earthquake, near Malibu, and so far hearing from @NBCLA viewers who felt it from Camarillo to Anaheim. — Robert Kovacik (@RobertNBCLA) January 25, 2023

The quake comes just weeks after a 6.4 magnitude quake rocked parts of northern California.

At least two people were killed and several were left injured during that event.

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