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Memphis IRS office evacuated after reports of active shooter

An Internal Revenue Service building in Memphis, Tennessee has been evacuated over reports of a possible active shooter situation.

According to Fox 3, police have responded to unconfirmed reports of shots being fired inside of the building, which lies on Getwell Road.

According to Ian Ripple of ABC24 Memphis, a heavy police presence was seen at the IRS building.

Heavy police presence at the IRS building in Memphis on Getwell. Working to learn more from law enforcement. Squad cars still arriving on the scene. @ABC24Memphis — Ian Ripple (@Ripple1026) September 8, 2022

Employees were seen congregating in the building’s parking lot, with the building’s alarm sounding off in the distance.

From the road I can hear the faint sound of a alarm at the building. This is likely why employees have made their way to the parking lot — Ian Ripple (@Ripple1026) September 8, 2022
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