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Migrants Arrive on Buses to VP Kamala Harris’s D.C. House from Texas

( Breitbart )

Another busload of border crossers and illegal aliens, sent from Texas by Gov. Greg Abbott (R), arrived at Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington, DC, on Thursday.

As part of Abbott’s operation to bus border crossers and illegal aliens out of Texas to sanctuary cities, he sent another migrant bus to Harris’s residence, the Naval Observatory, this week.

Most of those arriving, according to reports, arrived at the United States-Mexico border from Venezuela and Ecuador in the hopes of being released into the U.S. interior as part of President Joe Biden’s expansive Catch and Release network.

NEW: More than two dozen migrants from South America, have arrived by bus from Texas at the US Naval Observatory, the home of Vice President Kamala Harris. Arrived before dawn, and were greeted by aid groups, and transported in smaller buses to nearby accommodations. — Neal Augenstein (@AugensteinWTOP) October 6, 2022

The latest bus of nearly 40 border crossers and illegal aliens comes about a month after Abbott sent an initial migrant bus to Harris’s D.C. residence. The vice president did not greet the new arrivals.

In addition, the migrant buses continuing to arrive in D.C. from Texas and Arizona are against the backdrop of the Democrat-controlled D.C. City Council advancing a plan that will give voting rights to newly arrived foreign nationals — including illegal aliens and temporary visa holders.

From February 2021 to August 2022, the Biden administration has released at least 1.35 million border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities, working directly with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that help bus and fly arrivals across the U.S. interior, often free of charge.

Another roughly one million illegal aliens have successfully crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, since Biden took office, undetected by Border Patrol.

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