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Mike Davis: Democrats and Dick Durbin Are Hiding Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Record on Child Predators

Mike Davis, the founder and president of the Article III Project, joined Steve Bannon on the War Room on Monday morning.

Later today Democrats are starting their confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, an America-hating, radical leftist who has been consistently lenient with sexual predators throughout her career. Brown also has a record of lenient sentencing for child porn offenders.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is also a supporter of the 1619 project, a radical rewriting of history accusing America of being an inherently racist country with no hope of redemption.

Brown was nominated by Joe Biden and his handlers because she is black and a woman.

Brown has repeatedly had her decisions tossed — she is that bad.

Mike Davis told Steve Bannon on Monday that Democrat Dick Durban is hiding Ketanji Brown’s records from the Republicans and the public.

Mike Davis: Ketanji Brown Jackson has a 25-year history of advocating for less punishment for sexual predators of kids. This goes back to her Harvard Law School publication as a law student at Harvard Law School where she argued that sex offender registry laws are essentially, somehow unconstitutional… She took it on her own initiative to look into these federal sentences for people who possess and distribute child pornography… Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson made it a pet project to abvocate for lesser penalty for people involved in child pornography… At least 7 instances… Dick Durbin, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, is hiding her record.

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