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More evidence of accused rapist's illegal drug scheme to send hormones to children surfaces

( Post Millennial )

Popular social media account Libs of Tiktok announced on Sunday that they had uncovered additional evidence of trans activist and accused rapist Eli Erlick’s illegal drug trafficking scheme.

"It appears it’s been going on since at least September, 2021," said Libs of TikTok, sharing a screenshot from Erlick’s Instagram page that showed his blatant disregard for the law. Number 6 on a list of 11 "mantras" Erlick wrote was to "Redistribute your extra hormones to people who can’t access/afford them."

I’ve uncovered more evidence of @elierlick’s drug trafficking scheme. It appears it’s been going on since at least September, 2021. @FBI @DEAHQ — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) August 7, 2022

On Saturday, Libs of TikTok shared an Instagram post from the trans-identified biological male from May that publicly detailed his scheme to send prescription hormones to "trans youth" through a distribution network.

The viral post caught the attention of the Daily Wire's Matt Walsh, who said he would make it his "personal mission" to see Erlick face consequences for his confessed crimes. In response, Erlick tagged Walsh and Libs of Tiktok in an Instagram story that boasted, "Thanks for the free advertising."

Blaire White, a popular Youtuber, said that she was making a video about Erlick and had contacted him for a quote. She shared a screenshot of their brief exchange. "Trans youth deserve lifesaving, affirmative care. You can quote me on that," said Erlick, referencing the affirm-or-suicide myth that has been thoroughly debunked by experts. "And you’re going to make one suburb prison bitch. Quote me on that," White retorted.

I asked Eli for a statement because I’m doing a video on the situation. — BLAIRE WHITE (@MsBlaireWhite) August 7, 2022

Matt Walsh seemed to reaffirm the promise he had made on Saturday to see Erlick charged with federal drug trafficking crimes. "We’re not going to let it go," he said on Sunday.

Eli is a member of a privileged class and believes this will all blow over without consequence. That’s usually what happens in these situations. But not this time. Not when you’re giving dangerous drugs to kids. We’re not going to let it go. — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) August 7, 2022

Additional video evidence has surfaced from Erlick’s YouTube Channel, of Erlick himself confessing his crimes, "Every month for the past several years, I’ve ordered a double dose of hormones and testosterone blockers. I save all the extra pills for my best friends, my closest lovers, and my worst enemies. I just hope these little pills can bring some joy into their lives."

United States Federal law 21 U.S.C. 841 makes it a felony to manufacture, distribute, or possess controlled substances with the intention to distribute without a legitimate medical purpose. Testosterone is a Schedule III controlled substance that is more strictly regulated than other prescription drugs for its dangerous side effects.

Libs of TikTok and Walsh have asked their followers to report the illegal drug scheme to the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

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