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MSNBC's Wallace compares DeSantis, Youngkin education bills to Russian soldiers raping children

( Fox )

"Deadline: White House" host Nicolle Wallace wholeheartedly condemned the recent education bills passed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin as "dehumanization" tactics on Wednesday.

During her MSNBC show, she spoke with Bulwark writer Tim Miller on recent efforts by Republicans DeSantis and Youngkin to pass parental rights in education bills in their states. These bills have been heavily criticized by Democrats and members of the media, dubbing DeSantis’ bill as the "Don’t Say Gay" bill.

Wallace went one step further to accuse the governor and others like him as using war tactics against children.

"I worry in covering Glenn Youngkin and his politics of ‘parental choice,’ all the focus was on how well it worked. And even in our conversations about DeSantis it’s about how well they’re serving him," Wallace said. "The truth is dehumanization as a tactic for politics is from war. Dehumanization is a tactic, speaking right now where Russians get the soldiers to rape children by dehumanizing them. Dehumanization as a practice is a tactic of war. It is being deployed in our politics and people like you and I sometimes lose the plot and admire its effectiveness, not its substance."

She later added "But even its analysis loses sight of what this speech brings us back to which is dehumanization has a cost right now as it’s being deployed. Chasten Buttigieg made this point when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was being introduced. Kids will die. How do we bring it back to the substance of the harm that’s done by any strategy in war and politics of dehumanizing people?"

"Yeah, I think that’s right," Miller replied. "Their cruelty and inhuman behavior is inexcusable."

Later on in the show, Wallace spoke with MSNBC political contributor Matthew Dowd who similarly described the bills as tactics of war.

"This is a tactic of war. We are in a culture war. This is a culture war launched by Republicans against the country and the Democrats," Dowd said.

Despite Democrats and liberal media pundits’ efforts to discredit the bill, the Parental Rights in Education bill enjoyed bipartisan support with 52% of Florida Democrats voicing approval of the law.

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