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Nashville private girls' school REVERSES policy of admitting biological males who identify as trans

An elite private school in Nashville has canceled their new policy that would allow biological males who identify as transgender girls to apply to the all girls' college prep school after backlash from parents and donors.

Harpeth Hall, a $33,000-a-year Tennessee prep school, unveiled their new policy in a letter to parents on August 9, 2022, that declared "any student who identifies as a girl may apply to our school" through their new "Gender Diversity Philosophy." After a petition garnered over 1000 signatures by a group of school community members calling for the girls' school to reconsider their new policy, Harpeth Hall announced they are "choosing to pause the adoption of the philosophy."

"We recognize that this philosophy elicited strong reactions of support and opposition beyond our expectations. We care deeply about your feedback, and we have heard you. Based on the response from our school community, the Harpeth Hall Board of Trustees is choosing to pause the adoption of the philosophy in order to engage a wider audience in continued discussion," read the letter.

Parents, alumni and donors are not taking kindly to the "proponents or enablers of political activism and division" who spawned the new policy, and sent a letter in response to the Board of Trustees, calling for the resignation of all those involved in implementing it, specifically naming "Crissy Weick and the Executive Committee, Jessica Bliss, and Dr. Nancy Beveridge."

"We are writing to you today as an expression of our belief that the Harpeth Hall Board of Trust and the school administration has been more focused on political activism than on educating our girls. Current events are simply a symptom of that activism," the letter read.

In a Zoom meeting obtained by Fox News, Jess Hill, head of Harpeth Hall said a task force was initiated 6 years ago to discuss issues related to transgender students. The "Transgender Task Force" was "something we have thought about and worked on for probably six years," said Hill.

"If a girl says she is a girl, she is a girl," Hill said, adding that the new philosophy was designed to be more specific in the language.

Chrissy Weick, board chair of Harpeth Hall, also said there was a petition asking the school to "define girl."

"I’m not sure that anyone can do [that]. I’m not going to step into that water on this call," she said.

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