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Non-binary preschool teacher is 'affirmed' by students confusion over gender

( Post Millennial )

A preschool teacher who has they/them pronouns recently made a TikTok video explaining that finding the confusion of young children is a validating experience.

The young gender-nonconforming educator said in the video that students had asked "are you a boy or a girl?" and the female who identifies as non-binary described not being comfortable answering that question because the school was in a "pretty conservative area."

So instead, the preschool teacher asked the children what they thought the answer was, and described one child saying, "I think you’re a boy" and another saying, "no, she’s a girl." Then the first child came to the conclusion that "she’s a boy," which the educator with they/them pronouns found "affirming."


"I think 'she’s a boy' is personally pretty gender-affirming for me, and it came at a great time because tomorrow is my first HRT appointment and I’m very nervous and very excited," said the person who is entrusted with educating young impressionable minds.

Other videos on the teacher’s TikTok account document the progress of being on testosterone, and the young TikToker who goes by the name of Theo describes being impatient for the changes to begin. 

"I’m looking forward to the time when enough changes happen that maybe my coworkers won’t stop 'she/her-ing' me but at least they’ll feel weirder about it," the young gender-confused individual explained. "Of course, the goal of my transition is not to make my coworkers uncomfortable, but I think that would be an added benefit."

Theo then concluded the video by saying, "I don’t care if you grew up in nowhere Pennsylvania, you are not too old to learn that genders outside man and woman exist."

Another video describes how difficult it is to be constantly misgendered and constantly be correcting people, and then, without a hint of irony, the young person who goes by they/them pronouns tries to explain the "basic grammar rules" surrounding the use of gendered pronouns while complaining about coworkers who refuse to use they/them and instead just repeatedly use Theo’s name as a compromise.

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