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NORAD confirms 'high-altitude airborne object' flying over northern Canada

( Fox )

The Biden administration said Saturday that it is actively monitoring an airborne object over Canada the day after the military announced an "object" had been shot down off the coast of northern Alaska.

NORAD confirmed in a statement to Fox News Digital it has identified a "high-altitude airborne object" over Northern Canada.

"Military aircraft are currently operating from Alaska and Canada in support of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) activities," the statement said. "NORAD confirms that we have positively identified a high-altitude airborne object over Northern Canada."

"While we cannot discuss specifics related to these activities at this time, please note that NORAD conducts sustained, dispersed operations in the defense of North America through one or all three NORAD regions," the statement said.

A spokesperson for NORAD told Fox News Digital it is monitoring "one unidentified foreign object over Northern Canada" but would not provide more details on a specific location or country of origin.

The United States shot down an unidentified object over northern Alaska on Friday that entered U.S. airspace before it was detected, the Pentagon said.

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