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by: Linda Kirby/WGON

June 24, 2022, as Nancy Pelosi said, “will go down in infamy!” Why? Because the Supreme Court ruled that the abortion laws Roe v. Wade and Dobbs are unconstitutional and should go back to the states to decide since they are the elected officials of the people. I don’t know if you noticed Pelosi’s terminology of “infamy”. But, that was the term used in relationship with the attack on Pearl Harbor. She is equating this decision of allowing elected officials in each state to decide like the constitution says, as an attack on democracy as was Pearl Harbor. Sadly people don’t get it. They don’t see how the left uses language to manipulate people. The democrats wants to be the decision making entity. Not you, through your elected officials. What they want is actually the end to our democracy. Remember, the dems always blame others for what they, themselves, are doing!

Now, Mad Max, Maxine Waters, is yet again, calling for unlawful acts. She is now saying, “to hell with the Supreme Court, we will defy them!” Again, she’s calling for “fighting”. These are dog whistles to their insane puppets to do things that are violent. She is a representative in CA, that state has unfettered abortion laws and is even moving toward “abortion” after the baby is born. In any other country, that’s called murder outright! So, why is she doing this since her state didn’t lose anything in this?

Here’s what the left’s talking heads are claiming. If you allow states to decide on abortion and they chose to ban them, then the disadvantaged woman who doesn’t want the child and can’t afford to travel to a pro abortion state, is being forced to carry a child she doesn’t want. I have a couple things to say about this. Remember, abortion was all about killing the hated black people. They are still trying to kill them even though they talk from both sides of their mouths. This “disadvantaged” group are black women. Most abortions are from poor black communities. That’s where most of the abortion clinics were set up and are still in those communities. If the woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, she has lots of choices she can use. She can do the obvious thing and not sleep around. She can get free birth control since she’s poor. She can use many different devices to prevent impregnation. Yet, she’s too wicked to do any of those so she gets an abortion and murders the child in such a horrible manor that only Satan is happy about it. Yet, the left’s brainwashed always says, “but those who were raped or incest”...That is less than 1% of the abortions. If allowing millions of people die from these vaccines are acceptable risk then what is the difference here? It’s all about killing off the undesirables. They will use every tool they can conjure up to achieve their utopia.

While this is a victory for the pro life movement, it doesn’t stop the murdering of babies. In fact, this has merely increased the amount of abortion since the leak of the Supreme’s ruling. We’ve read that many more abortions have been done since that leak through the abortion pill being sent out in a tsunami wave into red states. Satan will get his blood sacrifice one way or another. But, what this does is, the nation is free from the judgment of pushing this on it’s citizens and that judgment now moves to the individual woman, doctor, state leaders or pill pusher only. That’s not to say this nation won’t have to pay for the 65 million murders of babies thus far, but at least the future deaths aren’t on the nation’s heads. This also makes those “disadvantaged” women think a day or two before killing that baby while they figure out a way to kill that baby. It won’t be a knee jerk reaction then. Perhaps one child will be saved...perhaps more?

Churches are already getting vandalized. This weekend is going to be interesting at the least. With Pelosi and Waters and others calling for “fighting”, then we will see just that. BLM and Antifa will certainly take advantage of a good fight. BLM who should be taking care of their people are in fact going to be fighting for the eugenics on their people. We will probably even see a mass shooting or two in a church or a red state. People need to be prepared to defend their churches. I hear the Catholic churches are already getting their security teams out there. All churches should do the same! God said to the disciples to sell your cloak and buy a sword ( Luke 22:36) because He knew they were going into dangerous territory to spread the gospel. He wanted them to protect themselves. It is time we Christians protect ourselves and OUR BABIES!

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