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Pandemic babies developmentally behind, study says

( WCAX )

New evidence shows some babies born shortly before and during the pandemic may be developmentally behind.

According to studies from the JAMA Network, there is an uptick in delays like talking, walking and interacting.

Researchers and physicians say uneven access to health and childcare, and limited exposure to the outside world are factors.

Experts have long known that 85% of brain growth happens before the age of 5.

Now, many adult caretakers face unprecedented levels of stress that can impact a child’s development.

In a handful of small studies, children born during the pandemic have scored lower for motor skills and problem-solving.

Other studies show pandemic babies vocalize less than pre-pandemic babies because of increased screen time and mask wearing.

It could be years before researchers can adequately measure whether the pandemic has a long-term effect on early childhood development.

In many cases, the lagging skills are recoverable.

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