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Peace Now hangs sign with PLO flag in Tel Aviv

( Israel National News )

The far-left Peace Now organization hung a massive sign in central Tel Aviv Monday morning, ahead of President Joe Biden's first visit to Israel since taking office in January 2021.

The sign features the Israeli flag next to a Palestine Liberation Organization flag, and reads: "President Biden, welcome to the two states we love most."

A spokesperson for Peace Now said in a statement Monday: "We welcome President Biden, a true friend of Israel, and thank him for his efforts to advance Israel's interests and to strengthen Israel."

"The sign which we hung up is a reminder to the president, a strong supporter of two states, that a Palestinian state is first and foremost in our interest, as Israelis, and the region can never have a good future without peace between us and our Palestinian neighbors."

"Every time is a good time to do the right thing for the State of Israel, and after Lapid spoke with Mahmoud Abbas and with leaders of the region, the next necessary step is to open negotiations. Dear Mr. President, welcome to the two states we love the most. This is your time to act together with the two leaders to turn the vision into reality."

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