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Pennsylvania man arrested after putting 'I did that!' Biden stickers on gas pumps

( Washington Examiner )

A Pennsylvania man has been charged after being caught allegedly putting stickers on gas pumps that protest President Joe Biden's effect on gas prices.

The charges were filed on April 5 against Thomas Richard Glazewski, who was arrested on March 31 after causing a commotion at a Turkey Hill gas station in Manor Township.

Locals captured Glazewski's arrest on video, showing police tackling the 54-year-old man while he was yelling, "I did that. I did that. That's what I did."

Police said Glazewski screamed at one of the gas station's employees when she told him he couldn't put stickers on the pumps.

Police charged Glazewski with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal offense.

It appeared Glazewski had applied several stickers to the Turkey Hill's station pumps before getting arrested, according to Lancaster Online. Each sticker featured Biden's image pointing and the text, "I did that!" The stickers were placed so that Biden was pointing at the price of gas.

An employee at the gas station told police Glazewski had covered the stickers with a clear coat of some kind that made them harder to remove.

Biden has been regularly criticized for his role in rising gas prices across the United States. The White House has attempted to shift the blame to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the U.S. sanctioning Russian oil.

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