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Philadelphia “Mass Shooting” Being Memory Holed Before the Blood Has Dried

There are reasons we don’t like to refer to mass murders involving firearms as “mass shootings.” It’s a term that is used by corporate media to accomplish three primary goals. First, it takes the burden of responsibility off the criminal and places it on an inanimate object.

Second, corporate media has attached the phrase to white supremacy, a rule they only break when the crime is heinous enough to make their audience look past the race of the shooter, such as in Uvalde.

Third, it’s a scare phrase; they invariably invoke “mass shootings” whenever they’re about to push gun control while simply calling it a “shooting” when the crime betrays their narrative. We can see this last reason in action right now with a current headline by CNN. Even though more people were shot and killed in Philadelphia last night than in other recent stories in which they invoked the phrase “mass shooting,” they chose to simply call this one a “shooting.” They also buried the story on a sidebar on their homepage. MSNBC doesn’t even list it as a top story, just a part of their feed at the bottom of their page.

This story flies in the face of the current emotion-driven push for gun control. The firearms used were likely illegal already; we know the one gun recovered had an extended magazine which is not allowed in Philadelphia. The city itself has special laws that make it stricter on firearms than the rest of Pennsylvania. Democrats have controlled Philadelphia for seven decades.

NONE of the “common-sense gun safety laws” being proposed by Democrats and RINOs would have prevented this massacre.

Surveillance video from a local business shows pandemonium after shots ring out near South & 3rd streets in Philadelphia last night just before midnight. — Marcus Espinoza (@MarcusFOX29) June 5, 2022

But perhaps the most important reason corporate media is yawning at this story is the demographic.

The mass shooting in Philadelphia last night will be dropped like a hot potato. Not the demographic group the media likes to cover. — Southern Man (@MagicBelle1) June 5, 2022

To reiterate, Philadelphia has stricter gun control laws than the ones Democrats and RINOs claim will make Americans safer. The results have been, as we’ve said for a long time, MORE violent crime and far fewer good guys with guns to help reduce the violence.

Areas where gun control laws are minimal are among the safest in the country. Conversely, violent crime is highest when the people are not allowed by government to defend themselves. The nature of criminals is to break laws, including gun control laws, while law abiding citizens are shafted. We see this in Philadelphia regularly, and it’s not even the worst of major Democrat Hellholes who keep their law abiding citizens disarmed while allowing criminals to rule the streets.

According to Fox News [emphasis added]:

*Alert* Emergency personnel are responding to a shooting incident in the area of 3rd and South Streets. Several people have been injured. Please avoid the area. — Philadelphia Police (@PhillyPolice) June 5, 2022

Philadelphia is still reeling from nine separate shooting incidents from the night before, Friday into Saturday, that left a pregnant woman dead. At least eight other people were injured, officials said. The baby the woman was carrying was saved by medical professionals, according to a report. Police are continuing to investigate their respective causes. An investigation into Saturday night’s shooting remains active.

If the shooters or victims were mostly white and not in Democrat Hellhole Philadelphia with strict gun laws, there would be wall-to-wall coverage. Instead, racists in corporate media are treating it like they always treat Black-on-Black crime: minimal coverage and many yawns.

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