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Prepare for 'climate lockdowns': Rogue British council wants to strip you of freedoms

The COVID lockdowns, quarantines, distancing, and isolation were merely a test-run to see how people would respond to self-captivity. The test was designed to train people to become obedient pawns to be ruled by their installed captors. And, like the obedient pawns they became, they celebrated their captivity on social media; dancing, singing, and telling each other how their captivity was "saving lives". I'd like to believe that people will rebel - sadly, I doubt enough will. The cost to rebel will eventually become too high not just with money but with drones flying above making sure everyone remains where they are permitted to be. People will be too brainwashed to think any differently.

This is happening in many countries around the world already. It should be in full swing by 2024 if they stay on schedule.

Please watch this Skynews video for more information:

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