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Pro-abortion protestors put on grotesque display at Catholic Church

( Post Millennial )

Pro-abortion advocates in New York put on a disgraceful display in front of a Catholic Church this past weekend, disrupting prayers and exhibiting crude behavior at the place of worship. The protest, which took place at the corner of Prince and Motto streets in Soho, featured dozens of protesters who cheered and jeered at a line of people praying in front of the church.

One attendee in particular, dressed in what appeared to be a one-piece bathing suit, walked up to the men praying and screamed in their faces. She also waved around a plastic baby doll with a pink cloth tied around its neck.

“I’m killing the mother f&cking baby,” she yelled, strangling the doll.

NEW YORK: Deranged pro-abortion activist protests Catholic church by waving dolls and yelling "I'm killing the babies!" Credit: — The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) May 7, 2022

She is eventually pushed away from praying demonstrators, and joins the crowd of pro-abortion activists.

Here, she sits on the ground and appears to pretend to give birth. She also smashes the doll's head on the ground in between her legs.

“Stop fcking praying it’s not fcking working,” she yells at the demonstrators, while pro-abortion activists laugh.

“If God murdered his Son, why can’t I?” she yells.

“Why the fck is the priest terrorizing my mother fcking uterus?” she says at one point.

Pro-abortion activists also sing “thank God for abortion.”

Amid the lunacy, pro-life demonstrators maintained their calm and continued to peacefully pray.

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