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Repairs to Portland State University library could cost $750,000 after Antifa siege of building

Repairs to Portland State University’s Millar Library could cost between $750,000 and $850,000 after Antifa members seized the building, destroying the inside. 

According to KATU 2, the building will likely be closed until the fall for cleanup and repairs, with graffiti cleanup beginning two weeks ago. 

"The rough estimate is $750,000. That’s for repairing damages and restoring the library. That could increase or decrease by about $125,000," a PSU Media Relations Manager said in a statement. 

That figure does not include the cost of repairing or replacing technology or furniture that was damaged, the university said. The University has insurance and is seeking a claim to offset costs. 

Graffiti was seen spray painted on the walls and windows inside the building, with furniture being moved to create barricades. Floors were covered in paint and piles of trash, wood pallets, and tents were left in the building. 

Glass walls on the interior of the building were smashed, computers were vandalized, and fixtures were torn off the walls. 

On April 30, Portland State announced that its campus would close after the library was taken over. Police entered the building on May 3 with at least two people being arrested. Police stated that they had to move slowly through the building due to the amount of barricades that had been set up.   

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