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Report: 3 Fatal Stabbings Within 10 Days in New York City’s Transit System Amid Ongoing Crime Wave

( Breitbart )

There were recently three fatal stabbings within ten days on the New York City transit system, the New York Post reported. The surge of deadly attacks and other documented violent incidents come as the Democrat-controlled city grapples with an ongoing major crime wave.

The most recent fatal incident occurred around 8:30 p.m. Sunday when Lamont Barkley, 55, was stabbed multiple times in the stomach by a man and woman on the BX19 bus in the Bronx.

According to the Post, citing the NYPD, Barkley was engaged in a dispute with the two suspects before the attack. The victim was rushed to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries.

A woman, Ebony Jackson, 42, was arrested Monday for her alleged role in the incident while police are still searching for the male suspect.

On Thursday, another fatal stabbing occurred in the Bronx, this time at a subway station.

Charles Moore, 36, a Citi Field worker and a youth basketball coach, was exiting an elevated subway station at East 176th street and Jerome Avenue when at around 10:30 p.m., he was attacked.

“Surveillance video showed Moore get the better of his attacker for a second–'[slamming] the suspect into a wall on the subway platform’–then the suspect pulled a knife and stabbed Moore repeatedly,” Breitbart News reported.

The victim was rushed to the hospital but died due to his injuries. Saquan Lemons, 27, was later arrested and charged with murder for his alleged role in Moore’s death.

The mother of the victim, Frances Vanterpoole Moore, 73, was interviewed by the Post and slammed Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his handling of the city’s recent crime wave.

“The city should be sued,” Frances said. “You ain’t going to come tell me about my baby? He has no criminal record. He worked. This is why [Adams] need to get his ass whipped. You did that wrong to me.”

On September 30, Tommy Bailey, 43, was riding the subway home at around 8:50 p.m. when homeless man Alvin Charles, 43, allegedly slashed Bailey in the neck, Breitbart News reported. The victim was rushed from the Atlantic Avenue subway station in Brooklyn but was later pronounced dead.

Charles was later charged with murder and was noted to have an extensive criminal history.

The three fatal stabbings come as Big Apple’s transit system has also been recently plagued with several reported violent crime incidents.

On Saturday, the NYPD says a 17-year-old was stalked and then brutally assaulted by a group of six masked men before being stabbed multiple times on a Midtown Manhattan subway platform.

The teen was transported to the hospital and survived his injuries.

On October 2, four women wearing neon green jumpsuits were recorded attacking and robbing two 19-year-old girls at a Manhattan subway station. According to the Post, one of the attackers, Mariam Cisse Issouf, 26, was recently arrested but released without bail Tuesday.

Reported transit crime in the Big Apple has surged by 41.4 percent since this time last year, according to NYPD crime statistics.

Overall crime in Democrat-run New York City has increased by 31.8 percent, while assaults are up by 15.1 percent, and robberies have jumped by 35.5 percent.

Cash bail was eliminated in New York at the start of 2020 and is noted by some observers to have contributed to the ongoing crime wave within the city.

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