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San Francisco Democrats Seek to Suspend Sanctuary City Law for Illegal Alien Fentanyl Dealers

Elected Democrats in San Francisco, California, are seeking to suspend the city’s strict sanctuary law so Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents can deport illegal aliens arrested for dealing fentanyl.

San Francisco Supervisor Matt Dorsey (D) is proposing a plan that would exclude from sanctuary city protections illegal aliens, and other foreign nationals, arrested for dealing fentanyl.

The city’s sanctuary policy ensures that ICE agents are unable to detain and deport most illegal aliens who are arrested in San Francisco. In many cases, ICE agents do not bother issuing detainers for even the most violent illegal aliens arrested in San Francisco because of the sanctuary policy.

The proposal comes as officials have repeatedly noted that many of San Francisco’s fentanyl dealers are foreign nationals, some illegal aliens, from Honduras, the San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Public officials have said many street drug dealers in San Francisco are Honduran immigrants who are in the country illegally, although they have not released statistics. Sheriff Paul Miyamoto told the Chronicle Monday that the department is beginning to collect more specific data on the immigration status of those arrested on suspicion of drug dealing. [Emphasis added]. The issue of the nationality and immigration status of suspected San Francisco drug dealers has been a contentious one. Former District Attorney Chesa Boudin said many dealers were immigrants from Honduras who’d been illegally trafficked to the United States. [Emphasis added].

“If you take a look at the things for which sanctuary already doesn’t apply, fentanyl dealing belongs there,” Dorsey told the San Francisco Chronicle. “Ultimately, coming here and selling fentanyl on the streets is not the immigrant experience that we are trying to honor and affirm.”

Fentanyl, now killing more than 100,000 Americans annually, has particularly ravaged San Francisco in recent years.

For instance, 2020 data revealed that more than twice as many Americans in San Francisco died from drug overdoses and fentanyl poisonings as those who died from the Chinese coronavirus. In 2020, a record 708 residents died from drug overdoses while 254 residents died from coronavirus.

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