Several people injured after suspect drives SUV through Native American parade

( Post Millennial )

On Thursday, a suspect was seen driving their vehicle through a crowd at a Native American cultural parade in New Mexico, injuring several people including two police officers.

The SUV plowed through the annual Intertribal Indian Ceremonial parade in downtown Gallup, New Mexico. The driver and the passengers of the car were arrested at the scene, reported The Guardian.

Footage from the crash shows the large brown vehicle speeding down the street towards the parade, sending children performing traditional dances and onlookers fleeing.

The vehicle then swerved on to a side street, pulled into a parking spot, then pulled back out, crashing into a police car. Officers then pulled at least two people out of the SUV and arrested them.

According to New Mexico State Police, multiple pedestrians and two officers were hurt and were treated at the scene. Lt Mark Soriano of the state police said no one was killed, but could not elaborate on the extent of the injuries, the Albuquerque Journal reported.

"We’re incredibly saddened and shocked by the life-threatening and traumatic incident that took place last night when a vehicle drove through the Ceremonial Night Parade. We await as law enforcement continues to gather the facts regarding this ongoing situation," said The Intertribal Ceremonial Office (ICO) Executive Director Melissa Sanchez.

"Right now, safety is the top priority for community members, participants, travelers, and event staff and volunteers, and we sincerely appreciate the swift response from local law enforcement. New Mexico State Police have committed to an increased presence of law enforcement throughout the remainder of the event to ensure public safety and our hope is to keep the schedule for the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial intact."

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