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Trans, HIV-positive male 'breastfeeds' infant with help of Canadian medical clinics

An HIV positive, trans-identifying biological male has claimed he is "breastfeeding" his baby with the assistance of Canadian medical clinics. 

Murray Pearson, 52, began transitioning in 2022, and has been taking a number of drugs to develop "boobs" he alleges are capable of lactating.

According to Reduxx, Pearson, who goes by "Margie Fancypants" online, first shared the image of him with his then 9-month-old baby at the Goldfarb Breastfeeding Clinic in Montreal on Reddit in November, declaring December 7 "Milk Day."

"I cannot wait to connect through feeding," Pearson told the other members of r/TransLater, a forum for males who transitioned later in life. "This is a wish I have had for decades."

He went on to explain that learning he could "nurse" his baby "lit a fire" in him," and that he has gone from having "lean pectoral muscle in March to full B-cops now and growing fast."

"I am humbled by my staggering privilege in my accessibility to medical expertise," Pearson continued. "I have five physicians in three clinics in two world class hospitals helping me."

As Reduxx reports, Pearson explained that "two endocrinologists, Newman and Goldfarb, created a protocol to induce lactation in adoptive mothers" that "works for trans women as well."

"It works best when breast growth is mature," he added, "but I am taking domperidone while my primary breast growth is underway."

Three months before announcing that he was on a mission to "breastfeed" his baby, Pearson revealed that he was HIV positive. He acknowledged that while sexual transmission was "impossible" since his condition had been "continuously controlled for 18.5 years," transmission via milk "IS possible if viral load becomes detectable."

He vowed to test monthly instead of semiannually in order to mitigate the risk.

Pearson, a former men's rights activist, said he first came to believe he was a woman after trying on feminine clothes at a second-hand store. He began transitioning a short time later after "two decades of stealth resistance."

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