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UChicago Gaza camp agitators occupy campus Institute of Politics building

Gaza camp agitators breached and occupied UChicago's Institute of Politics building on campus on Friday evening. The events come after police previously took down an encampment on campus. Video shot by Mitch Robson, a senior member of the Chicago Thinker explains that the agitators took over and occupied the building.  

He reported that the protesters brought chairs to barricade the doors and spray-painted the security cameras as they went inside the building. The school newspaper the Chicago Maroon has additionally reported that the protesters took over the Institute of Politics building on campus. As they entered the building, the protesters were followed by Chicago Police Officers and University of Chicago Police Officers attempting to remove other protesters from blocking the street.  

On the Telegram channel of individuals supportive of the occupation, several pictures were posted of them taking over the building. One post was an "urgent call" to have the agitators take over the building. The Telegram post said, "We're bringing the Intifada home." It said to keep up with the channel for live updates.  

A picture of a sign was also taken and put on the Telegram channel. It stated, "Abolish the university" as well as "F*ck 12," which is a phrase that often refers to the police.

In a post of a statement from the channel that was titled, "Bring the Intifada Home," they posted the following message, “We must escalate our actions against all governments, institutions and corporations who participate in, profit off of, and enable genocide."

The message then suggests a call for violence, "There must be consequences to their property income, reputation, privacy, and safety.” 


One post, with a picture of the house with the protest had the caption written on the channel, "Cops moving in. We are too. F*ck ucpd." 

The channel called "Disrupt U of Chicago" also made requests to compatriots during the occupation. They asked for food, water, and snacks as well as an extension cord so they could "stay a while."

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