Why should you vote in the midterms

by Linda Kirby/WGON opinion

Today is my pay day and I was paying bills. I nearly threw up when I saw my electric bill had doubled, my cell phone bill had increased by $10, my grocery costs had doubled with less food purchased, and it goes on and on. Our rights are being stripped from us and our President has even lost his rights. Loving parents who care about their children being indoctrinated in the schools go to the school board to complain and now are marked as terrorist and some are even prosecuted. This is why we need to vote this mid term. We need to take back our country! Can you afford to see your living expenses continue to skyrocket? I sure can't. I live on social security and what the Lord gives me so any little increase hurts badly. Not many donations come in so even $10 gets us a little food. Frankly, I don't know how people who don't have Jesus in their lives make it. If Jesus didn't give me what I need to take up the loss of inflation, I'd be like so many out there who are going under. The Lord provides when Satan takes away.

Biden says we are not in inflation. Well, we know he doesn't know what he's in, what planet he's on. He only knows what they tell him to say. But, from what I've read, "Inflation rose at fastest pace in 40 years..." reports USA Today News and all news actually.

So, how do we get back on track? The only avenue open to us "basket of deplorables" is voting. I know we all think voting is a waste of time with all the cheating that's done. However, if everyone who is eligible to vote gets out there and floods the voting booths we can overwhelm their cheating. We can take back our country.

I've been hearing rumors that what they did during the 2020 election is

when Biden needed more votes they printed real ballots for people who

are registered to vote but didn't, which the Democrats proceeded to fill

in for Biden. How many of those votes were from Republicans who didn't

show up because they thought they didn't need to vote? In this country

our voting is set up anonymously, the government knows that you voted

but not who you voted for, there is also no online database for you to

check who you voted for either. The Dominion machines are a distraction,

that is why the investigation hasn't gone anywhere. With them voting for the people who didn't vote leaves no paper trail. If you can vote and choose not to

the Democrats can vote for you.

So, get off you couch and vote!! Get off your defeatist attitude of cheating makes our votes void. That will make the dems win again and we sink into a great depression. Remember, they want to destroy this nation....DON'T LET THEM!

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