Explosion rips hole in commercial jet

A Daallo Airlines airplane making its way from Somalia to a spot in East Africa was forced to make an emergency landing after an explosion ripped through metal above the wing and left a gaping hole, injuring two, witnesses said.

Local media reported a “severely burnt body” was seen falling from the skies above Djibouti, the news blog Jalopnik reported. Other reports said two were injured, but it’s not known how severely they were hurt.

Various Twitter posts followed the event.

This one from Goodjoog News said: “Daallo Airline plane heading 2 Djibouti catches fire 5 mints afta taking off frm the airport in Mogadishu. 2 injured.”

And this from a supposed eyewitness, who tweeted: “#Somalia: Plane makes emergency landing at #Mogadishu airport; incidnt being treated as ‘suspicious’ sources.”

The explosion rocked the plane just a few minutes after takeoff, the Mirror reported. The source of the explosion isn’t clear, but investigators haven’t ruled out terrorism, and the airport has been tied in the past to terror-related incidents.

The Mirror reported Flight D3159 was forced to perform an emergency landing at the Raas Cabaad airport, where witnesses said it was on fire.

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